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The Quinnipiac Global Economics Research Teams
*hyper links are to current LinkedIN profiles when available

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Spring 2024

Fall 2023

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Team Members:

Spring and Summer 2023

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Team Members:

Spring 2022 and Fall 2021


Team Members:​

Spring and Summer 2021


Team Members:​

** Team members in Summer 2021 as well.

Fall and Summer 2020


Team Members:


** Team members in Summer 2020 as well.

Spring 2020


Team Manager:

Team Members:

  • Cole Cochran - Global Economic Outlook Report Team (Economics, 2020)

  • Kyle Del Balso - QU CEI Policy Fellow for Hungary (Economics/Political Science, 2020)

  • Jack French - QU CEI Policy Fellow for Hungary (Economics, 2021)

  • Evan Johns - R-Programmer (Economics/Data Science, 2020)

  • Hudson Molinari (Economics, 2020)

  • Niamh Savage - Global Economic Outlook Report Team (Economics/Accounting, 2020)

  • Timothy Wesson (Economics, 2021)

Fall 2019

2019 Fall Econ Research Team 01.JPG

Team Members:​

Spring 2019

2019 Spring Econ Team.JPG

Team Members:

Fall 2018

Dec 2018 Group Pic_edited.jpg

Team Members:​


Chris (left) & Saul (right) 2016.

This site is the successor of InvestCEE which was launched as a student project in 2016 by Saul Ellison and Chris Ball and then co-founded by them privately in 2018.  InvestCEE ran continuously until 2022 and Saul's role was taken up by Jack French.  In 2022, Chris Ball launched a Substack column: Global Economics and "InvestCEE" was re-launched and re-branded around the Global Economy rather than only the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

Our original idea also continues to drive our mission today.  We aim to provide timely and insightful economic analysis on Global Economic affairs with a special focus on Central Europe. The project provides young analysts on our team the chance to develop their skills in a real-world and applied way that provides value to a range of interested readers and decision makers around the world.

We continue to have as much of an educational and academic motivation as we do a business one.  But this and other related projects are all run under the umbrella of CEENET LLC, Prof. Ball's boutique consulting firm.  Our objective is to become self-sufficient, allowing us to support more students and young researchers over time.

Today,  Ball continues teaching economics at Quinnipiac University where he runs the Central European Institute and leads the Quinnipiac Global Economics Research team.  Ellison and French have stepped back, but both remain role models and mentors to the teams.

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